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On the day Diana, Princess of Wales died in 1997, the Moorcroft Pottery was struck twice by lightning. The first bolt took out the crown of the kiln and cracked the stack, while the second blew an enormous hole in its belly. The damage from the thunderbolts and torrential rain was awesome. Bricks had been blasted fifty metres away, and the newly fitted factory-shop totally destroyed. Luckily it was a Sunday, and no one was there. The shop now has a double skinned ceiling!

In 1897 William Moorcroft took up his post designing for manufacturers James Macintyre and Company in Burslem.

Macintyre had diversified in 1893 into producing the ornamental art pottery made by William Morris and his followers.

1898 saw William Moorcroft develop a new range of decorative pottery using techniques of slip-trailing and underglaze colour, which were to become his hallmarks.

He started his own factory in 1913, on the site of a former tile and brick company in Cobridge, where Moorcroft remains to this day.

Those who worked at Moorcroft over decades gone by would stand in awe at the skills of the designers, tubeliners and colourists of today.

Their names are synonymous with superb quality without parallel, in the full 108 years of Moorcroft history.

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